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FAQ Document Manager

Summary of the manual

Frequently Asked Questions related to the Document Manager application.

PDF Generation

Since version 2.7.0, pdf generation has been included in Document Manager.
However, due to licensing rights, the PHP class we use is not included inside our product.
This section will guide you through the steps necessary to get it working.

Go to the following page github page HERE.

Navigate down the page to the Download and install section, then click on the link on the right of the "download stable copies" line:
On the page were you get redirected, different versions are proposed. The current version we tested Document Manager with is the version 0.8.0. We do not recommend you to test with another version unless we have tested it. So don't hesitate to ask us if a new version is available.

Go down the version changelog and click on the zip file name to download the version:
Unzip the downloaded archive on your computer.

Then connect to the FTP of your forum, go to library/XFA/ThirdParty and create a folder called dompdf.
Upload the autoload.inc.php file and the lib and src directories of the unzipped archive inside the created folder.
Its content should look like the following once done:

Change "Document" to something else

We already provide a set of xml files to fit different needs: Books, Tutorials, Manuals (the default one document is provided as well to go back to default).

You can install one of them:
  1. Go to your admincp, in Appearance > Languages
  2. Click on the Import a Language button
  3. On the opening page:
    • Select your file from the file explorer
    • Select the "Overwrite language" option
    • Select the language you want to overwrite (don't worry it will only overwrite the items relative to the add-on)
    • Click on Import
  4. And voilà !
Or create your own, for that we recommend you to start from the book one as you can easily make search and replace with it without mixing with the phrases name.
For that, search and replace with a case sensitive text tools for the following words:
  • Chapter (= default: Section)
  • Chapters (= default: Sections)
  • Book (= default: Document)
  • Books (= default: Documents)
Once created, import it the same way than explained here above.

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