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FAQ Image Slider

Summary of the manual

Frequently Asked Questions related to the Image Slider add-on.

Create new slider

Go in admin panel and click on Applications Tab

You should see Manage slider link on sidebar


Click on "Add new slider"


Set Slider title and upload images (images are not automatically resize, so if you want have images with same dimensions, please edit them with photoshop (or other tool) before


You can set for each image, Caption, Url and Display order
After click on Save Slider

Add content template

Go in admin panel and click on Applications Tab

You should see Content Template List link on sidebar


Click on "Add Content Template"


Set your Content template name (for exemple if you have custom home page, you can set it as "Homepage")
Set also Template Name : You should have template name where slider will be display. For this view "Get template name" section

Get template name

Go on your page you want display slider (for exemple i will go on our Clubs page)


Click right on the page and click on "Inspect" in contextual menu


You should see this (if you have chrome) or similar menu if you have firefox


Search div who have id="content" and you should find this


Class name is a name of your content template. Select it and save it for add New Content Template

Assign a slider to a location

Go in admin panel and click on Applications Tab

You should see Display Location List link on sidebar


Click on "Add Display Location"


Select your Content template where you want display your slider
Select Position where slider must be displayed (Some templates doesn't implement all position, so if one doesn't work, try another position)
And to finish, select slider to display.


In Slider Settings tab, you can override general option for your specific slider

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