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FAQ Multiple Countdown

Summary of the manual

Frequently Asked Questions related to the Multiple Countdown add-on.

Use the block with [bd] Widget Framework

  1. Go to your admincp > Appereance > Import Widgets.
  2. Import the widget-xcountdown.xml from the [bd] Widget Framework folder of the archive
  3. Once imported the widget is automatically displayed, you can edit it in the List Widgets page if you want to change the pages on which it shall be displayed.

Use the block with XenPorta 2

  1. Go to your admincp > Home > Widgets
  2. Install the Widget with the xfa_xfmg_albumblock.xml from the XenPorta 2 folder of the archive
  3. Once imported the widget appear in the list, you can then use it on your layouts.

Change the flip countdown size

As you have seen, the countdown size looks small when using the flip countdown mode.
This is due to the fact that for a number of days higher than 100, the countdown wouldn't fit on a single line.

If you won't have countdown that goes above 100 days, then you can change that behavior !

Edit the template xfa_mcdn_sidebar_block, preferably on the master style, or in all your styles and change:
size: 'xs',
size: 'sm',

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