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FAQ Navigation Tabs to Sidebar Block

Summary of the manual

Frequently Asked Questions related to the Navigation Tabs to Sidebar Block application.

How do I find the navbar id ?

Though I provide some indication in the option description, it might seem a bit hard for you to find out the ids to input. Let's guide you though this !

Before you start searching for the id, you need to check that your browser has the capability to inspect the DOM. You can find that by doing a right click anywhere in the page, if your browser does have it you should see an Inspect menu item.

Once you have checked that you have the capability, it's time to start inspecting the DOM !

On the navbar link you would like to push to the sidebar navigation block, do a right click and select Inspect.

You should be seeing something like on the screenshot herebelow. In my example, I did for the Resources Manager navtab link.


So as you can see, there are multiple <li> tags that all start with the class navTab. This corresponds to all the navtab links.

The id you are searching for is the second class, just after navTab, in the classes list.

So ? Well in my case, I would input "resources" in the admincp option in order to move the Resources link to the sidebar block. Easy no ? :)

Do you have a list of known ids ?

Well yes of course !

Here are some examples of known ids:
  • XenForo Resources Manager: resources
  • XenForo Media Gallery: xengallery
  • [XFA] Tournaments: tournaments
  • [XFA] Votings System: votings
  • [XFA] Medias Contest: medias-contest
  • [XFA] Members Map: members-map

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