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FAQ Nodes Icon Tweak

Summary of the manual

Frequently Asked Questions related to the Nodes Icon Tweak add-on.

Use Fontello Icons [XF1 only]

This feature was introduced in version 1.1.0 to allow admins to use a set of custom font icons css generated from Fontello.

To add custom icons, you must go to http://www.fontello.com to create and download your icon set.
You must then unzip the retrieved file and upload the "config.json" file as well as the "css" and "font" folders to the styles/xfa/nodesicontweak/ directory of your server.

Once this is done, just refresh this page and "voilà !".

An example of custom font icons css set is provided in the product archive.

Icons from server

Upload them to the data/xfa/nodesicontweak/icons directory of your server (with data being the name of your data directory if you changed it).

FA size problem with up/down layers

You should have read the text in grey above the options, when using up/down layers you should set the icon size to half the expected one.

No FA node icons but CSS still loaded [XF1 only]

If you don't have any Node icon using Font Awesome but the corresponding css files are still loaded on your website, go to the Nodes Icon Tweak option group and untick the checkbox.

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