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FAQ RM MarketPlace & Forum Sales

Summary of the manual

Frequently Asked Questions related to the RM Marketplace add-on (version 3.6.0 and above) and Forum Sales add-on (version 1.2.0 and above).

Paypal API credentials retrieval

Two possibilities, either you have a Business account or a Standard account.

Business Account

If you have a business paypal account, connect to your paypal account and go to the tools page:
On the new opening page, select the API credentials:
Then click on the Add or edit API permissions button:
For this tutorial, we will assume that no API credentials are available, so you should be seeing a Request API credentials link on the right side, click it:

As we are using a library that only supports signature, only signature certificates will work with RM MarketPlace.

Once you click on Agree and Submit, you will get a new page with 3 credentials that you have to note, we will see later how to use them:

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