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    Support Resolved XenPorta 2 Pro

    Hello, can you help to get the slider to display on XenPorta 2 Pro home page? I have set a Content Template List as EWRwidget_Threads but I can't get it to display on the home page, it displays fine every where else. Thank you.
  2. viper357

    Suggestion Rating system

    No, I was looking for a trader rating for the Marketplace, but thanks. :)
  3. viper357

    Suggestion Rating system

    Hello, is there any kind of buyer/seller rating for the Marketplace?
  4. viper357

    Suggestion XFMG slider

    Hello, would it be possible for the Image Slider to display images from a XFMG category?
  5. viper357

    Bug Fixed Open in new window.

    Thank you very much. :)
  6. viper357

    Bug Fixed Open in new window.

    Hi, in the options I have "Open link mode" set to "Target Blank", but this does not seem to work 100%. When viewing a thread or the individual forum then it works fine. forum view https://www.marineaquariumsa.com/forums/dorry-pets.110/ thread view...