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Custom Username Icons

XF1 Custom Username Icons 3.6.1

Corrected bugs:
  • Font awesome icon not displayed in usergroup edit after save
Corrected bugs:
  • ErrorException: Undefined index: xfa_cui_icon_ugp - library/XFA/CustomUsernameIcons/Template/Helper/Core.php:53
  • ErrorException: Undefined index: xfa_cui_icon_ugp - library/XFA/CustomUsernameIcons/Template/Helper/Core.php:111
  • ErrorException: Undefined index: - library/XFA/CustomUsernameIcons/Template/Helper/Core.php:31

New features:
  • New Font Awesome icon picker with search capability
  • Possibility to add icons to user banners
Corrected bug:
  • Setting no icon on a user in admincp doesn't work

New features:
  • Icons are now displayed in Siropu's chat (except in activity notification)
  • Upgraded to Font Awesome 4.7.0, bringing 41 new icons
Corrected bugs:
  • ErrorException: Undefined variable: user - library/XFA/CustomUsernameIcons/ControllerPublic/Account.php:111
Corrected bugs:
  • Username color and user title colors can't be changed when user doesn't have the permission to edit its icon

New features:
  • Compatibility added with new Font Awesome embed code feature (introduced in FA 4.6.3)
The 3.3.2 product xml missed a template modification that won't export.

This is now fixed in this version, for those that already installed 3.3.2, just import the new product, files remained unchanged.
Corrected bugs:
  • Font awesome icons not loading anymore (problem of add-on export)
  • Icons not displayed in sidebar online users
Corrected bugs:
  • Setting default usergroup icons not working
  • When user sets to have no icon and wants to edit username/usertitle colors, they are not taken into account
Corrected bugs:
  • When editing user without icon in admincp, Font Awesome radio button is selected instead of No icons.
  • Changing user to usergroup that had no permission to change icon would lead to icon still there as "edited" icon data would be sent in the mean time. Checkbox added to explicitely edit icon stuff in admincp.
  • Wrong Font Awesome version provided with the product 4.5.0 while 4.6.1 awaited.

New feature:
  • Added a permission to allow user to disable all icons animation on forum.
Corrected bugs:
  • Server font icons not working, missing update to 4.5.1 of Font Awesome in global loading template modification

New features:
  • Update to Font Awesome 4.6.1 providing 23 new icons
  • New option in usercp to allow users to disable custom username icons font icons animation on all forum