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XF1 Enhanced Thread Creation Restrictions 1.2.0a

Fine tune new thread creation restrictions conditions in your forums !

  1. MtoR
    • XenForo > 1.4.x

    Brought to you thanks to a generous customer funding, Enhanced Thread Creation Restrictions, you can find tune the permissions to create new threads in each of your forums based on one or a combination of the following criteria:
    • Number of posts made by the user
    • Number of likes received by the user
    • Number of trophy points owned by the user
    • User title Ladder
    • Number of days registered
    • Number of characters in the message
    A permission allows you to set usergroup or user which can bypass the set restrictions either globally or on a per forum basis thanks to xF extended permissions system.

    The number of characters in message limitation also applies to posts.

    • Configurable per forum from the add/edit node pages
    • Six criterias to restrict thread creation:
      • Minimum number of posts
      • Minimum number of likes
      • Minimum number of trophy points
      • User title Ladder
      • Number of days registered
      • Number of characters in the message
      • Number of threads in forum [NEW 1.2.0]
    • Number of characters in a message restriction also applies to posts
    • Permission to bypass the restrictions

    Install/Uninstall instructions
    The readme is available HERE.


    1. Permissions.png
    2. Node_configuration.png

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