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Extended Cover

XF1 Extended Cover 4.2.9

Bug with tab order on AMS Category
  • XFA Medias Contests Support
  • Moving options in different groups
  • Allow user to select cover transition in his preferences
  • Option to rebuild install of supported addons
Bug Fix with Category/Forum/Page selection in options
  • XFA Options tabs addon support
  • Showcase addon support
  • AMS addon support
  • New option to display profile cover at the top
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Fix bug if rm is uninstall : You need disable RM cover in options
Bug fix
  • Option Mg Categories active display RM Categories instead of MG Categories
Bug fix :
  • MG Album and Media not working
Bug Fix on fresh install if you don't have for exemple MG but no RM

If you have an sql exception like that with this version : Mysqli prepare error: Unknown column 'xfa_ec_default_cover' in 'field list'

Please contact us in our support forum
New Option for rebuild Extended Cover content type if you have set ON permissions and you have no permission to upload cover
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Fix Css bug with shadow filter