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Extended Cover

XF1 Extended Cover 4.2.9

Bug with page fixed
Fix multiples minor bugs
This version is completly refactoring, so somes bugs can be subsist
  • Fixes :
    • Upgrade Script
    • Minor bugs
  • New features:
    • Support Categories
    • Support Pages
    • Support MG Categories
    • Support DM Categories
    • Support DM Documents
    • Breadcrumbs in Manage cover
    • Tabbed Options
    • New options
      • Enable active forums,categories (for each mode except MG album, MG media, profile)
      • Set infos in cover (for each mode except profile)
Corrected bugs:
  • Some condition could lead to loss of links for all attachments to their container.
Bugs Fix :
  • Extended cover panel doesn't show in forum edit
New features :
  • Options :
    • Enable Thread Cover active forums
    • Enable Forum Cover active forums
    • Enable RM Category Cover active categories
    • Enable RM Resource Cover active categories
Bugs fixed :
  • Resource download button doesn't show on responsive
  • Bugs with drag and drop on quotes insert
New Features :
  • Compatibility with Snog TMDb TV Thread Starter
  • Checkbox for select/unselect all Forums and Categories in options
Bugs Fixed :
  • Resource item cover not showing title in caption
  • Slider close automatically popup with autoplay mode
New Features :
  • 3 new transitions:
    • Translate X
    • Translate Y
    • Fade In
  • Stop autoplay slider on mouseover
  • Cover display order
  • Resize mode
  • Media Gallery support
  • Like
Reactions: Freelancer
Fix error with 3.2.1 zip
Bugs when editing option if you have not installed the RM
  • Bugs Fixed:
    • Reposition / Delete on Firefox
    • Invisible link for users on the cover profile
  • New Features :
    • Moderator permissions : (I will move the following permissions)
      • Manage forum cover
      • Reposition forum cover
      • Manage thread cover by anyone
      • Reposition thread cover by anyone
    • Option: Default Cover profile only visible to the owner of the profile
    • Cover in RM
      • In Category (With option, style properties, permissions...)
      • In Resource (With option, style properties, permissions...)
    • Cover slider autoplay support
    • Cover slider animations
    • Option to hide covers on mobile and tablet
    • Responsive proportions