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Forum Sales - XF2

XF2 Forum Sales - XF2 2.2.3

Corrected bugs:
  • Error call to undefined method XFA\ForumSales\XF\Entity\Node::getPercentageOnSale()
Corrected bugs:
  • Field 'xfa_fss_shipping' doesn't have a default value
Corrected bugs:
  • Correction of some errors in the grid layout
Corrected bugs:
  • xfa_rmmp_no_purchase_found phrase incorrect name and missing
  • Option to accept other payment means not displayed though permission is set
  • Icons in payment means selection not displayed with XF 2.1
  • ErrorException: [E_NOTICE] Undefined property: XF\Mvc\Reply\Error::$thread_id
  • Sticky items for sale not displayed in grid view
  • Price not displayed in thread list when using UI.X 2 style
  • Incorrect items footer layout in grid view when using UI.X 2 style
  • Incorrect sticky threads alignment in grid view when using UI.X 2 style
New features:
  • External sale capability
  • Shipping costs handling
Corrected bugs:
  • Broken forum view layout when grid view is active
  • Manage sale by anyone permission not working
Corrected bugs:
  • When forces sale is selected in a forum and user doesn't create a sale, error message is not displaying.
  • When forces sale is selected in a forum, create sale is not extended and the checkbox is not checked by default.
Corrected bugs:
  • "Please enter a valid email" error when managing a sale when in centralized mode.
  • "Ouf of stock" spelling error.
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Corrected bug:
  • Grid view not displaying
New features:
  • Your sales page on front-end
  • Your purchases page on front-end
  • New sales payment mode : Centralized (as opposed to individual)

Sales payment can be configured in two modes:
  • Individual: Users get paid directly either by PayPal or external means (eg. money, check, ..., if you authorize it as you wouldn't be able to get percentage on sales).
  • Centralized: You get paid by PayPal for every sale of users items and you then manually transfer the money back to the seller. The buyer has the mean to confirm the effective reception of the item thus allowing you to only give money back for guaranteed sales
Corrected bugs:
  • All PayPal payments result in error when percentage on sale is set
  • Unable to Navigate to 2nd page of server error logs
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