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With MOTM, each month you can start a new Media Of The Month contest !

Two modes are provided :
  • Mode 1: Monthly album generation allowing user to submit medias for vote with submission/voting phases (initial mode)
  • Mode 2: No dedicated album, each month users votes for any medias in the gallery, most voted one awarded, votes reinitialized each month (new since 3.0.0)

An MOTM in Mode 1 is split in 2 phases :
  1. Submission phase
  2. Voting phase
Each of the 2 phases has a specified duration configurable through options.

In both modes, Contest activity can be highlighted through messages posted in a specific forum upon different configurable event: contest start, user submission, voting phase start (mode 1 only), user vote, voting phase reopened upon tie (mode 1 only) and winner award, either in separate threads or in a single thread.

To motivate your users, you can also offer an user upgrade to the winner !!!

  • Lots of configurability through options
  • Fully Automatic thanks to a cron task
  • Work with pictures and video
  • Usergroup permission to participate to MOTM (mode 1), ie. post medias, vote for MOTM and unvote for MOTM [NEW 3.6.0]
  • 2 working modes:
    • Mode 1: Monthly album generation allowing user to submit medias for vote with submission/voting phases (initial mode)
    • Mode 2: No dedicated album, each month users votes for any medias in the gallery, most voted one awarded, votes reinitialized each month (new since 3.0.0)
  • Configurable maximum number of votes per user
  • Month day to start contest configurable through options
  • Optional forum advertising through either a single thread updated during the contest or multiple threads on different events (each can be activated or not) :
    • Contest start
    • Users submissions with medias included
    • 24H prior submission phase end (mode 1 only)
    • Voting phase start (mode 1 only)
    • User votes and unvotes [NEW 3.6.0]
    • Voting phase reopened for 24H due to a tie (mode 1 only)
    • 24H prior voting phase end (mode 1 only)
    • Winner award
    User submission and user votes messages can either be posted using the specific user set for the different MTOM features or by the user that initiate the action.
  • Identification of medias user voted for thanks to textual indication as well as icon [NEW 3.6.0]
  • Optional display of who voted, displays on the media page who voted for it. In mode 2, only valid during the contest duration.
  • Ribbon on winner's media, both on media page and media gallery index page
  • Ribbon on avatar of users who won MOTM in messages and profile
  • Ribbon timeout, select the number of days during which the ribbon shall stay displayed.
  • MOTM winner can be awarded user upgrade
  • Pause MOTM if you want to disable the MOTM contest during a given period, you can pause MOTM creation through option
  • Trophy criteria: number of MOTM awards
  • Alert - Sent to media owner upon user vote to media, can be disabled through account alert preferences.
  • Latest awarded media sidebar block
    • Automatic insertion for forums with no Widget Framework
    • XenPorta 2 widget included
    • [bd] Widget Framework widget include

Mode 1 Specific Features
  • Usergroup permission to submit media(s) for MOTM
  • Configurable duration of the two phases (submission and vote), both can last more than a month, thus overlapping contests phases
  • [NEW 3.6.0] Two possible configurations:
    • Full manual configuration where you can set start day, number of days for submission and number of days for vote.
    • Monthly contest where you configure only the number of days for submission. The contest then starts on the first day of the month and finished on the last one.
  • Configurable maximum number of medias a user can submit per contest
  • Configuration stored at contest start to allow modification for the next contest while one is running. Configuration can be modified through specific interface after contest start (usergroup permission based)
  • Number of votes and vote link display on media page and on album page's medias
  • Fine action configuration in case of tie: Award both / Award most viewed / Award most commented / Reopen votes for 24H
  • For most viewed and most commented action, the action to take in case of tie is as well configurable.
  • Optional link to MTOM albums in navbar
  • Possibility to configure notices to be displayed in MOTM albums (limitation to specific month as option)

Mode 2 Specific Features
  • Users can vote for any albums or category medias, except if specific gallery categories are selected through options
  • MTOM awarded the 1st of month and votes reinitialized
  • All Medias awarded in case of tie

Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions
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This is by far, the best media competition add-on available. Xen-factory have thought of even the most detailed of things and this add-on packs a serious punch for only a few quid. I cannot recommend this enough, especially if your site is heavily media focused.
The best competition add-on out there and I will say, we had a few teething issues when we first bought it way back when, but has run as smooth as clockwork since.
Highly recommended.