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This add-on lets you create an unlimited number of countdowns to be displayed either in your forum sidebar, at the top of all pages above breadcrumb or on a dedicated page to your forum sidebar !

A page is dedicated to the complete management of the counters and accessible based on usergroup permission.

Header flip clock layout.png

  • Unlimited number of counters
  • Usergroup permission to manage the counters
  • Create/Edit/Delete counters
  • Countdowns created with:
    • Title
    • Description (for display on dedicated page only) with WYSIWYG editor NEW 2.3.0
    • Link
    • Starting date (optional), if not set counter start immediatly
    • End date or Duration
    • Location: sidebar, top of the page above breadcrumb (on all pages) or dedicated page
  • Animated countdown elapsing
  • Two countdown layouts: Standard or flipclock like
  • Dedicated page showing countdowns list with description, reachable through link optionally displayed in navigation tabs
  • Sidebar display configurability:
    • Limit number of countdowns displayed NEW 2.3.0
    • Hide countdowns with date further than X hours in the future NEW 2.3.0
  • [bd] Widget Framework widget included
  • XenPorta 2 widget included

Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Full page flip clock layout.png
    Full page flip clock layout.png
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  • Sidebar flip clock layout.png
    Sidebar flip clock layout.png
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  • Header standard layout.png
    Header standard layout.png
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  • Sidebar standard layout.png
    Sidebar standard layout.png
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  • Countdown add:edit.png
    Countdown add:edit.png
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  • Manage countdowns page.png
    Manage countdowns page.png
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  • Full page standard layout.png
    Full page standard layout.png
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