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Nodes Icon Tweak

XF1 Nodes Icon Tweak 2.8.1

Corrected bugs:
  • FA icons do not display anymore in admincp icon picker
  • "Unread" Status of forum nodes not working anymore
  • Show icons in page title" does not work in Sub-Forums
New feature:
  • Optional icons display in title on node page


New feature:
  • New type of node configuration: Display latest poster avatar as node icon
Files have been updated there was an error with the Template.php file.
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Corrected bugs:
  • In case of stack icons, icon is displayed big and truncated in the nodes tree in admincp

New features:
  • Upgrade to Font Awesome 4.7.0 (41 new icons)
  • New Font Awesome icon picker with search capability


Wrong version of XML in previous 2.5.1 release (though product was not changed).
Bug corrected:
  • Server icons not found when the externalDataUrl is an absolute url
Corrected bug:
  • Small icons list height not limited (no scrollbar appearing)

New features:
  • Option for default size of normal icons
  • Option for default size of small icons
  • Option to load small icons from a separate directory
Corrected bugs:
  • Having server small icons to a different directory leads to strange behaviors, both now from same directory.
  • Background repeated when server icon size is smaller than set size.
  • No more icon after upgrade if previously server set (due to small icon change - now default to big account if small not set)
Bugs fixed:
  • Preview not working anymore for server icons

New features:
  • Font Awesome upgrade to 4.6.1
  • Capability to select a different server icon for small icons version (sub-forum)