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XF1 Post-It 2.2.0

Put post-it on your forum to take notes or remember tasks to-do.

  1. Fredxd
    • XenForo > 1.4.x

    This add-on lets your members stick post-its to your forum, eg. to take notes or remember important tasks to-do.

    With our Post-It add-on, your members can create as many post-it as they like, change their width, the background color and write any text they want.

    • Usergroup permission
    • Unlimited post-it
    • Show / Hide all post-its
    • Drag & Drop - place post-its where you want on the page
    • Customizable post-its:
      • Autoheight - the height of the post-it will automaticly fit to its content
      • Resize - change manually the width of the post-it
      • Change the background color, text color and text shadow of each post-it
      • Easy color change interface through Minicolors Plugin
    • Save post-it through local storage
    • Style Properties to define default text and background color
    • User control panel option to enable/disable the post-it block in the sidebar
    Warning: Post-its are stored on client side through Local Storage so cleaning cookies lead to post-its removal.

    Install/Uninstall instructions
    The readme is available HERE. If you had the ThemesCorp version installed on your forum, please read these update instructions HEREbefore installing the Xen Factory version.


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