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Latest Reviews

  1. loadmaster
    Version: 3.0.0
    Works very well although you need to tweek the code for your style. On the countdown page and even the widget it needs a feature image. Also looks better with a sidebar.
    1. MtoR
      Author's Response
      Not sure to get all the points so don't hesitate to post feature requests to explain what you would need changed, this is something we can certainly enhance.
  2. NICK97
    Version: 3.9.4
    very hard to setup new paypal system
    1. MtoR
      Author's Response
      The fact that the API is complicated to setup doesn't fill to me like a reason to set a bad review. This his how paypal API works and if you want to have percentage on sales, there is no other solution.
      Moreover, we provide a detailed illustrated how-to and provide support if neeeded. Don't you feel you review is a bit strong for that one point ?
  3. fixer
    Version: 2.2.1
    At first this may seem like its no big deal but it does some things you may not notice... For 1 its a KEY for your users to know what user group markup is for each group, and it allows them to view the members of each user group separately. this is an important add-on any forum can benefit from