• Once you have purchased a product, go in the Your licenses page from the shop to set your domain name and start downloading your product.
  • If you owned an XF1 version of the add-ons from these sections, please note that you can potentially benefit from a discount. See HERE for more information and learn about the way to proceed.
RM Marketplace - XF2

XF2 RM Marketplace - XF2 4.1.11

Corrected bugs:
  • Race condition could lead to registered users able to download resources

We highly recommend you upgrade to the latest version !
Corrected bugs:
  • Race condition could lead to non logged-in users able to download resources

We highly recommend you upgrade to the newest version !
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Corrected bugs:
  • Error upon purchase : TypeError: Argument 4 passed to XFA\RMMarketplace\Service\Purchase\CreateWithInfo::__construct() must be an instance of XFA\RMMarketplace\Entity\License, null given, called in domen.me/src/XF/Container.php on line 276 in src/addons/XFA/RMMarketplace/Service/Purchase/CreateWithInfo.php at line 45
  • Error when setting for sale a resource previously for free: Error: Call to a member function bulkSet() on null src/addons/XFA/RMMarketplace/XFRM/Pub/Controller/ResourceItem.php:210
Corrected bugs:
  • Can't download resource from resource page while having an active license
Corrected bugs:
  • Update code from oldest xF1 versions missing
  • TypeError: Argument 3 passed to XFA\RMMarketplace\Pub\Controller\Purchase::setupPurchaseWithInfoCreate() must be an instance of XFA\RMMarketplace\Entity\License, null given, called in site.com/src/addons/XFA/RMMarketplace/Pub/Controller/Purchase.php on line 108 src/addons/XFA/RMMarketplace/Pub/Controller/Purchase.php:700
  • Missing utility folder in archive
  • Grid layout issues with rating stars as well as long titles
  • Grid layout not applied on resources index since XFRM 2.1
  • Can't download old versions from prior license expiration
  • Ran out of stock message received for physical resource
Corrected bugs:
  • Please enter a number that is at least 0 error when purchasing an out of stock resource
  • ErrorException: [E_WARNING] Creating default object from empty value in src/addons/XFA/RMMarketplace/Service/Purchase/Refund.php at line 37
Corrected bugs:
  • Error with declaration of categorySaveProcess function when saving a RM category

As of now, the XF2 version is only compatible with XF 2.1 versions and above.
This version is mainly focused towards xF2.1 compatibility.

Corrected bugs:
  • ErrorException: [E_WARNING] Declaration of XFA\RMMarketplace\XFRM\Admin\Controller\Category::categorySaveProcess(XF\Entity\AbstractCategoryTree $category) should be compatible with XFRM\Admin\Controller\Category::categorySaveProcess(XFRM\Entity\Category $category) in src/addons/XFA/RMMarketplace/XFRM/Admin/Controller/Category.php at line 77
  • LogicException: Unknown relation or alias Likes accessed on xf_rm_resource_update in src/XF/Mvc/Entity/Finder.php at line 753
Corrected bugs:
  • Missing js and style files
  • Sell resource permission moved to Resource instead of Category to allow compatibility with collaborative add-on.
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