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Error: Class 'XFA\Roster\Upgrade902010090' not found in src/addons/XFA/Roster/Setup.php

Just reupload files, and upgrade
  • Permission separation: "Have severals clubs" permission has been changed by
    • Create multiple clubs​
    • Join multiple clubs​
  • The number of clubs created or join, can be limit by permission
  • Club tags can be display on postbit via an option.
  • Roster can be locked: If roster is locked, user can't leave club (and join an another club if user can join only one club). This lock can be disable in options (ex: for transfert period...)
  • Add club list tab in member profile
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Missing phrase :
Corrected bugs:
  • Unknown column updated_at on XFA\Roster:Roster
Corrected bugs:
  • User will show club who he want join in navigation before he will be accepted by club owner
  • Unknown column updated_at on XFA\Roster:Roster
  • Error updating XF1 version to XF2 version
Upgrade for people who are already upgrade addon to 2.0.6 with wrong zip
Upgrade for people who are already upgrade addon to 2.0.6 with wrong zip
Fix phrases file in zip
  • Alertes phrases in preferences missing
  • Display bug in roster list
  • Bug with roster order filter
  • Bug fix with tournament
  • Phrases missing in preferences