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Have you ever wished to provide your users with the capability to add additional content to their threads ?
Yes ?! Then Thread Tabs is the answer.

Very simple to use, it lets your user create as much tabs as they want through a few clicks within the thread. Tabs can either be pure text content input by the user or links.

Thread tabs is permission based and can be finely enabled in each forum.

  • Unlimited number of tabs
  • Create, edit, delete, reorder [NEW 1.1.0] through a serie of few clicks
  • Tabs can be:
    • Text content based, input with WYSIWYG editor
    • Link based [NEW 1.1.0]
  • Finely enabled on a per forum basis
  • Permission based
    • Select which usergroup/user can create tabs
    • Select which usergroup/user can view tabs [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Edit all right based on edit all thread rights
  • Compatible with XenForo Resource Manager tabs
  • Compatible with [XFA] Document Manager tabs
  • Compatible with [XFA] Tournament tabs
  • Compatible with [XFA] Roster tabs [NEW 1.1.0]

Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.
  • Compatible with document.png
    Compatible with document.png
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  • Compatible with resource.png
    Compatible with resource.png
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  • Compatible with tournament.png
    Compatible with tournament.png
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  • Forum admin.png
    Forum admin.png
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  • Permissions.png
    12.4 KB · Views: 355
  • Reorder tabs.png
    Reorder tabs.png
    33.7 KB · Views: 371
  • Thread View.png
    Thread View.png
    286.2 KB · Views: 405
  • Add tab.png
    Add tab.png
    177.8 KB · Views: 376
  • Tab view.png
    Tab view.png
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