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XF1 Tournament 2.7.0

Organize and manage tournaments (sports, games, ...) between your users all within XenForo !

  1. MtoR
    • XenForo > 1.4.x
    • [XFA] Roster > 1.0.0 (Optional - For team tournaments)


    Ever wanted to create and manage tournaments in your community with a solution fully integrated to XenForo ? Then our Tournament add-on from is made for you !

    With Tournament, you and/or your users can create and manage (invite users, kick users, ...) public or private tournaments with up to 64 contestants in just a few mouse clicks among 5 different types: Single elimination, Single elimination with consolation bracket, Double elimination, Round Robin, Round Robin with 2 way matches.

    The look'n'feel of the tournaments brackets is similar to what you see for sports tournaments or e-sports.

    Matches are either automatically generated at the end of the registration period or can be randomly generated or manually selected by the tournament creator, or any user with manage rights.

    Xen Factory Tournament is perfectly suited for sports forums or games forums.

    Coupled with our Roster add-on, Tournament is raised to a whole new level, allowing tournament not just between users but also between rosters (team).

    • General Permissions - Selectively tweak what your users can do: View / Register / Create / Create private / Create usergroup restricted / Send Invite / Add user / Edit self / Delete self / Get New Tournament Alert
    • Moderator Permissions - Selectively tweak what your moderators can do: View all / Edit anyone / Delete anyone
    • 3 registration types - Solo (based on username), free input (based on name input) or Team* (based on rosters)
    • Multiple tournament modes - Single elimination, single elimination with consolation bracket, double elimination, Round robin or Round robin with 2 way matches
    • Fixed number of contestants (maximum) - Among the following: 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 / 128 / 256. Automatically handles BYE if contestants not reached and not a power of 2 when generating the brackets (for single/double elimination).
    • Third place match - Optional for single elimination and double elimination tournaments.
    • Check-in system - When activated, users who registered to a tournament must connect and validate (check-in) their participation in a defined time period before the tournament registration end thus ensuring effective participants. [NEW 2.7.0]
    • Automatic bracket adaptation - If the number of contestants is lower than expected, the bracket is automatically adapted to the closest power of 2.
    • Automatic random bracket generation... - Upon registration end date reached (if at least 2 contestants for single elimination and round robin, 4 for double elimination) or when the number of contestants is reached if no registration end date.
    • ... or Manual random bracket generation... - Upon tournament creator or user with rights to edit command.
    • ... or Manual matches selection - If random generation doesn't fit, you can as well select each matches individually (for single/double elimination) or move matches between rounds (for round robin).
    • Matches reset - If someone finally doesn't want to participate, the generated matches can be unvalidated.
    • Public or private tournaments - Private tournaments are invite-only.
    • Usergroup restricted tournaments - Restrict registration for tournament to specific usergroups.
    • Invite or Add Users to tournaments - Easy input thanks to username autocomplete
    • Easy Score entering through double click on the score area.
    • Tabbed layout - Tournament is displayed with up to 3 tabs:
      • The tournament content itself, ie. description and bracket
      • The rules (if any)
      • The participants (if any and activated through options)
      • The discussion (if any)
    • Categories - Unlimited non-nested categories with fine tuning of their configuration:
      • Allowed registration types
      • Allowed tournament modes
      • Automatic thread creation
    • Tournaments list with sorting - Easily find tournaments with remaining slots, newest tournaments, latest updated tournaments or tournaments with registration ending soon. Default sorting configurable through options.
    • My Tournaments page - Dedicated page displaying the user created tournaments for easy access.
    • Participated Tournaments page - Dedicated page displaying the tournaments to which the user participated for easy access.
    • Discussion - Automatic creation of a thread upon tournament creation if activated (category based configuration), with event posting:
      • Tournament created
      • Matches generated
      • Unvalidated matches
      • Winner input
    • Alerts - Users will be notified upon different events:
      • when someone invite them to a tournament
      • when someone add them to a tournament
      • when the tournament starts
      • when the matches are reset
      • when scores have been updated in the tournament
      • when a new tournament is created
    • Alerts can be disabled - Based on user configuration (except invite/add alerts which can't be disabled)
    • Top winners list on Tournament index and category.
    • Number of wins in Membercard and Profile page
    • Fully responsive (smart way)
    * Team related features are only available when coupled with our Roster add-on

    Roster integration features
    • Tournament related game - Link tournaments to games, mandatory for teams but can be input for solo and free input registration types
    • Invite or Add Rosters to tournaments - Easy input thanks to smart roster autocomplete
    • Number of wins by club displayed on information page
    • Number of wins by each roster displayed on the rosters list
    • Participated tournaments tab in club
    • Alerts - Roster captain will be notified upon different events:
      • when someone invite invite one of his roster to a tournament
      • when someone add one of his roster to a tournament

    Install/Uninstall instructions
    The readme is available HERE.

    Available on our forum, demo/demo1234


    1. Add_roster.png
    2. Alert_preferences.png
    3. Alerts.png
    4. Categories_list.png
    5. Free_input.png
    6. Index_view.png
    7. Manage_participants.png
    8. Manual_matches_generation.png
    9. My_tournaments.png
    10. Participated_tournaments.png
    11. Roster_integration.png
    12. Round_robin_team.png
    13. Round_robin.png
    14. Score_input.png
    15. Add_tournament.png
    16. Category_add_edit.png
    17. Options.png
    18. Permissions.png
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