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XF2 Trophies Enhancement - XF2 1.0.2

Take your trophies to the next level !

  1. MtoR
    • XenForo 2.0.0+
    • [XFA] Core 1.5.2+

    If you ever felt that Trophies were cool but lacked a bit of spotlight, this add-on is definitely what you are seeking !

    Trophies enhancement adds support for trophies categories and trophies icons with the choice to pick among 3 options:
    • Font Awesome
    • Icons loaded from your server
    • Sprite image URL
    This is a first trophies enhancement step but we have some more ideas for the future.



    • Trophy categories
    • Trophy icons
      • Per trophy definition
      • Live preview upon edit
      • Icons display on admincp node list page
      • Display in post messages (optional)
      • Display in conversation messages (optional)
      • Display in "About" tab of profile
      • Capability to limit the number of icons displayed in post and conversation messages
      • Capability to limit icons display in post/conversation messages from a specific category to the latest awarded one

    Font Awesome icons specific features:
    • Ability to set icon color
    • Font Awesome icons pickable through a popup with search capability
    • Support for Font Awesome stacking with lower and upper layer
    • Support for Font Awesome transformation (both levels) : Rotate 90°/180°/270° - Flip horizontally - Flip vertically
    • Support for Font Awesome animation (both levels) : Spin - Pulse

    Server icons specific features:
    • Automatic resizing of the icons
    • Live Icon Preview
    • Icons directly selectable from a dropdown menu

    Install/Uninstall instructions
    The readme is available HERE.

    Special thanks to @Lindal_Oronar for funding the development of this add-on for his site https://sjedbb.com/.


    1. 01-Admin_category_add_edit.png
    2. 02-Admin_trophies_list.png
    3. 03-Admin_trophies_list_2.png
    4. 04-Admin_trohy_edit_fa.png
    5. 05-Admin_trophy_edit_icon.png
    6. 06-Admin_trophy_edit_sprite.png
    7. 07-Options.png
    8. 09-Profile_view.png
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