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Trophies Enhancement - XF2

XF2 Trophies Enhancement - XF2 2.3.0

  • XenForo 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2
  • [XFA] Core 1.5.8+

If you ever felt that Trophies were cool but lacked a bit of spotlight, this add-on is definitely what you are seeking !

Trophies enhancement adds support for trophies categories and trophies icons with the choice to pick among 3 options:
  • Font Awesome
  • Icons loaded from your server
  • Sprite image URL

Bring many other trophies addition:
  • User title ladder level progress
  • Manual trophies awarding
  • Trophies awarding announcement
  • Trophies leaderboard page
  • Trophy page
15-Postbit display.png

  • Trophy icons
    • Per trophy definition
    • Font Awesome icon (675 icons) or Image Icon, selectable through specific Font Awesome picker menus. Support Font Awesome icon transformation and animation.
    • Provided with 226 image icons from from Mark James famfamfam.com: Silk Icons.
    • Live preview upon edit
    • Icons display on admincp node list page
    • Display on Trophies help page with configurable order [NEW 2.3.0]
  • Trophy categories
    • Orderable
    • Capability to limit icons displayable trophy for category to the latest awarded one (unique icon)
  • User trophies display
    • Display in "About" tab of profile (optional)
    • Display on member trophies page (optional)
    • Display as icon in post messages (optional)
    • Display as icon in conversation messages (optional)
    • Display as icon in membercard (optional) [NEW 2.3.0]
    • Display in new admincp user edit page's trophies tab
    • Configurable location for post/conversation messages icons
    • Customisable display order
    • Capability to avoid a trophy from being displayed on the various forum location [NEW 2.3.0]
    • Capability to hide icons from showing in post/conversation messages for mobile
    • Capability to limit the number of icons displayed in post and conversation messages
    • User selection of displayed trophies in post and conversation messages when limited
    • Admin selection of displayed trophies in post and conversation messages from user edit page's trophies tab when limited
    • Tooltip on icon mouse over in post and conversation messages showing trophy title and awarded date
  • User title ladder next level progress display
    • Display in post messages (optional)
    • Display in conversation messages (optional)
    • Configurable location in post/conversation
  • Manually award/unaward trophies from users
    • Award from admincp trophies page
    • Unaward from user edit page's trophies tab
  • Trophies awarding announcement
    • Configurable per trophy
    • Post in a new thread or an existing thread
    • Selectable new thread forum
    • Customisable thread title with variable replacements
    • Customisable message with variable replacements
  • New Trophies page
    • Complete leaderboard with pagination
    • Most awarded trophies sidebar block
    • Latest awarded trophies sidebar block
  • New Trophy page
    • Show trophy description
    • List of all users having that trophy
  • Various widgets:
    • Trophies point leaderboard widget
    • User title ladder next level progress widget

Font Awesome icons specific features:
  • Ability to set icon color
  • Font Awesome icons pickable through a popup with search capability
  • Support for Font Awesome stacking with lower and upper layer
  • Support for Font Awesome transformation (both levels) : Rotate 90°/180°/270° - Flip horizontally - Flip vertically
  • Support for Font Awesome animation (both levels) : Spin - Pulse

Server icons specific features:
  • Automatic resizing of the icons
  • Live Icon Preview
  • Icons directly selectable from a dropdown menu

Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.

Special thanks to @Lindal_Oronar for funding the development of this add-on for his site https://sjedbb.com/.
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