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Trophies Enhancement - XF2

XF2 Trophies Enhancement - XF2 2.1.2

Corrected bugs:
  • Error: Undefined constant "XFA\TrophiesEnhancement\Pub\Controller\__CLASS__s" src/addons/XFA/TrophiesEnhancement/Pub/Controller/Trophies.php:22
  • Missing trophy view page
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Corrected bugs:
  • ErrorException: Template error: [E_USER_WARNING] Template public:xfa_te_message_user_icons is unknown src/XF/Template/Templater.php:689
Corrected bugs:
  • Incorrect next level progress widget title link
  • admin:widget_def_options_xfa_te_trophies is unknown

New features:
  • Revamped options page with tabs sorting
  • New option value « Before avatar » position for trophies display in message user info
  • Option to select wether trophies are ordered per display order (current behaviour) or award date
  • Capability to display user level progress in message user info in posts and conversations
  • Trophy awarding announcement
    • Per trophy choice to announce a trophy awarding
    • Capability to post a new thread or post in an existing thread
    • Forum selection for new thread
    • Customisable thread title for new thread with username/trophy title replacementCustomisable message with username/trophy title/trophy description replacements
  • Trophies main navigation page
    • Leaderboard with pagination
    • Most awarded trophies sidebar block
    • Latest awarded trophies sidebar block
Corrected bugs:
  • Error: Call to undefined method XFA\TrophiesEnhancement\Install\Install::rnStep1() in src/addons/XFA/TrophiesEnhancement/Setup.php at line 27
  • Missing phrase xfa_te_max_level_reached
  • Template admin:widget_def_options_xfa_te_level_progress: [E_USER_WARNING] Template admin:widget_def_options_xfa_te_level_progress is unknown (src/XF/Template/Templater.php:664)
Corrected bugs:
  • ErrorException: Fatal Error: Access level to SV\UserEssentials\XF\Pub\Controller\Account::preferencesSaveProcess() must be public (as in class XFA\TrophiesEnhancement\XF\Pub\Controller\Account) src/addons/SV/UserEssentials/XF/Pub/Controller/Account.php:101
  • Icons not displaying in postbit bottom userinfo with UI.X style
This version is only compatible with XenForo 2.2

Corrected bugs:
  • Provided compatibility with xF2.2
  • Trophies without icons are present in the profile widget
  • Icons not displaying in postbit bottom userinfo with UI.X style
  • Missing fields removal on uninstall from xf_trophy table

New features:
  • Categorized trophies list display with icons on members trophies pages
  • Option to display member trophies in a dedicated profile tab
  • Display order for categories
  • Option to hide icons from posts and conversations for mobile
  • User selection of displayed trophies from preferences when displayed trophies number is limited
  • Manually award trophies to users
  • Trophies point leaderboard widget
  • User title ladder next level progress widget
Corrected bugs:
  • Trophies not shown anymore in conversations
  • ErrorException: [E_WARNING] Invalid argument supplied for foreach() src/addons/XFA/TrophiesEnhancement/XF/Pub/Controller/Thread.php:49
  • With some other add-ons installed, bottom of message user info location does not work
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Corrected bugs:
  • Error: Call to a member function groupBy() on null in src/addons/XFA/TrophiesEnhancement/XF/Pub/Controller/Member.php at line 24 (when trophies are disabled)

New features:
  • Option to show or not icon in profile
  • Capability to set a display order for each trophy
  • Capability to set a display row for each trophy (for postbit)
  • User trophies widget in profile sidebar
Corrected bugs:
  • Less_Exception_Chunk: ParseError: missing opening `{` in anonymous-file-0.less on line 2794, column 1 2792| -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; 2793| -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; 2794| } 2795| 2796| .m-faContent(@content, @width: false, @direction: false) 2797| { less.php/lib/Less/Parser.php:677
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Corrected bugs:
  • Trophies not displayed anymore in postbit after upgrade to XF 2.1
  • Categories not displayed in admincp trophies list unless they contain a trophy
  • Missing requirement for our Core add-on in addon.json

New features:
  • Update to Font Awesome 5.5.0 (Thanks to Core update to 1.5.8)
  • Display of trophies grouped per category in profile
  • Display of trophies icons on help page
  • Display of trophies grouped per category on help page
  • Tooltip showing trophy title and awarded date when hovering trophies in postbit
  • Configurable icon size for posts/conversation message user info (style property)
  • Icons display location in message user info option