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Who Read This Content

XF2 Who Read This Content 1.0.0

Ever wanted to provide more information related to views of content on your forum ?
Then Who read this content is definitely the solution to your need.

With this add-on you can display, for various forum contents such as thread, forums, resources, medias, and much more to come, the list of people who have read, are viewing or watch a given content.

Fully configurable through various permissions and options, allowing you to define visibility, positioning, layout, data ageing, ...

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  • Thread support
    • Who has viewed this thread
    • Who is viewing this thread
    • Who has watched this thread
  • Forum support
    • Who has viewed this forum
    • Who is viewing this forum
    • Who has watched this forum
  • Resource Manager support
    • Who has viewed this category
    • Who is viewing this category
    • Who has watched this category
    • Who has viewed this resource
    • Who is viewing this resource
    • Who has watched this resource
  • Media gallery support
    • Who has viewed this category
    • Who is viewing this category
    • Who has watched this category
    • Who has viewed this album
    • Who is viewing this album
    • Who has watched this album
    • Who has viewed this media
    • Who is viewing this media
    • Who has watched this media
  • Each individual block is fully configurable through options:
    • Display mode: avatar or username
    • Display position (content type dependent, e.g. above content or below content...)
    • Users order (content type dependent, e.g. read date or view date...)
    • Block collapsed or not by default
    • Capability to limit who has viewed content to the last X hours
    • Read information storage mode and period (first read, last read or all read)
  • Set of permissions for each content type to define who can view each block

Upcoming Features
  • Import from Who read this thread add-on.
  • Support of XFA add-ons like Roster or Tournament.
  • Support of other developer add-ons.

Reason behind this add-on

Some might wonder why we did this add-on rather than updating "Who read this thread".
The reason is simple, this add-on is a full rewrite and not an update of the existing add-on, allowing extension to support more content types in the feature (generic).

Who read this thread add-on will remain a supported product and fully supported in case of bugs.
However, we don't intend to implement new features.

Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.
Digital product
License duration
365 Days
20.00 EUR
Renewal price
10.00 EUR
First release
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