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    Suggestion Done Multiple club permission separation

    I initially thought the "Have Several Clubs" permission meant you could create multiple clubs but it apparently means be in multiple clubs. Ideally this permission should be split as it's a create separator for subscribers. So if possible, I'd like "Create Multiple Clubs" and "Join Multiple...
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    Bug Fixed Could not add a member to roster with apostraphe in username

    A user was having a problem adding one of their members. The user was added to the membership of the guild OK but they could not add that member to a roster, it would state the member could not be found in the guild. I found that removing the apostraphe in their username allowed me to add them...
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    Bug Fixed Country error on save location

    Had a problem reported from a member and I could duplicate it. He's trying to set his location as either Cruz Bay St. John or US Virgin Islands but for either entry it states "this country doesn't match with our country database"?