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  1. McAtze

    Bug Style issue in filter form

    I found a styling issue in the manage countdowns view filter form. It is a quite simple template edit. E.g. Before: <div class="inputGroup inputGroup--inline inputGroup--joined"> <input type="text" class="input js-filterInput" placeholder="{{ phrase('filter...') }}" data-xf-key="{{...
  2. McAtze

    Suggestion Switch button for manage countdowns

    The link for manage countdowns is shown below the widget. This doesn't look really good. I set it as part of the visitor account. Maybe something for a new release.. ;) If required, i can share the code for these changes.
  3. McAtze

    Suggestion Cut off month if NULL

    It would be nice and also a better UI if the month doesn't show in the widget if they are NULL.
  4. McAtze

    Bug Fixed Missing phrases xfa_form_macros

    There're also missing phrases in xfa_form_macros [XFA] Core add-on.
  5. McAtze

    Support XF2 Update

    That sounds really good. I got my wallet and wait for it.. :D Btw, i tried it by myself but i'm failed.. :(
  6. McAtze

    Support XF2 Update

    Did you thought about using an OpenSource Map like OpenMap? Maybe something without Google?
  7. McAtze

    Support XF2 Update

    @Fredxd Could you say something about an XF2 update?
  8. McAtze

    Suggestion Show category in product_list_item

    The solution is as simple as it seems. Just a template modification.. :D Template: xenproduct_product_list_item Modification key: InsertProductCategories Search type: Simple Replacement Search: <xen:datetime time="{$product.product_date}" /></a> Replace: $0 - <a href="{xen:link 'products'...
  9. McAtze

    Suggestion Show category in product_list_item

    Thats what I feared.. ;) I will try it again and post the solution here. So you can update if you want. ;)
  10. McAtze

    Suggestion Show category in product_list_item

    Thanks for your quick reply. I've tried it but i failed. Is it a big thing or just some little code?
  11. McAtze

    Suggestion Show category in product_list_item

    Hi, thanks for that great add-on.. :) I've tried to show the category in the product_list_item as shown in attachment. But it doesn't work. How can i do it or could you integrate it in next release?