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    Support Resolved Replace Tournament background

    What would I need to place with a conditional in the css in extra.less to replace the background image of the page based on the tournament ID?
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    Done Conditional Statement

    How can I display one line of text if the user is the club owner, and a different one if they are not? See below, doesn't seem to work for me: <xf:if is="!$club.Owner">Owner<xf:else />Member</xf:if>
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    Fixed Adding to Club, When Only Requested

    Right now it appears that the roster system adds you to a club which you requested to join in every aspect other than showing you under the "members" tab... It adds the subnavigation for that club even though you aren't a member of the club yet... I think all functionality needs fixed to where...
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    Resolved Members Tab

    I am wanting to extend the rosters add-on... one of the things I want to do is break the "Members" tab out to the main xfa_roster_club_show template... A simple copy and paste of contents does not work as it just displays "there are no members of this club" rather than the actual list of...
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    Phrases 2.0

    When changing phrases such as "xfa_roster_activity_accept_request" nothing happens, nothing changes... This goes for pretty much every single phrase in the activity feed
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    Fixed Tournaments Disappearing?

    I have 6 tournaments created (some open for registration, some closed) and they are disappearing... they don't even show in the participated tournaments on user tab but the count on the sidebar next to the categories shows the correct number of tournaments For example, one category says there...
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    Support Resolved Conditionals for Tournament Buttons

    What type of conditional statement can I add to display a "view" button in place of the join button IF the user has already joined the tournament, or the tournament is in a "closed" state? The $Participant condition doesn't seem to be working, but I could be doing it incorrectly
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    Resolved Phrases

    Is there an update coming that adds all of the missing phrases from User Preferences? Or should I just add them manually?
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    Fixed Join Tournament

    Currently you're able to register into a tournament multiple times for a solo tournament. How can we stop this from happening?
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    Done Limit Club Create

    Is there a way to limit the amount of clubs to ONE that a user can CREATE?
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    No Answer Calling for Game Icon Image

    Hi, have an advanced question I'm looking for some help with the rosters system game icon + tournaments... I'm trying to utilize the game icon in the tournament as the page background I put the following into extra.less Code: [data-template="xfa_tourn_tournament"] .p-pageWrapper { background...
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    Fixed Alerts

    Seems there is no way to disable alert notifications for tournaments (except in your personal preferences) even when the usergroup doesn't have permissions to access the add-on Also, have this in preferences: alert_opt_out.xfa_roster_new_club_request_received...
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    No Answer Alignment

    What changes are needed to float everything to the left on the bracket view? RIght now there seems to be a generated margin on the left depend on the size of the event... I want the bracket to always float to the left
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    Suggestion Thread ID

    How do you disable the Thread ID option when creating a roster (like what is on this site) I see no option in the admin side options for the add-on Thanks
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    Bug Fixed Error Creating Club

    I have installed the system and set usergroup permissions. When I go to create a club I get the following error - The following error occurred: Undefined variable: club XenForo_Application::handlePhpError() in XFA/Roster/ControllerPublic/Club.php at line 643...