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    Forum Sales

    If i choose individual the buyer knows who is the seller, right? But the commission is paid to my paypal-account automatically? If i choose specialized, the buyer doesnt know the seller, but i have to do manually work to bring the money to the seller. Is this a real manual story like: open...
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    Bug Cannot Reproduce Missing files

    I have updated our core version from 1.6 to 1.7 and get Exception: Could not find class XFA\Core\XF\Entity\Attachment when attempting to extend XF\Entity\Attachment src/XF/Extension.php:174 #0 src/XF/Mvc/Entity/Manager.php(53): XF\Extension->extendClass('XF\\Entity\\Attac...') #1...
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    Support What happens with tabs, when threads are deleted?

    What happens with tabs, when threads are deleted? What happens with tabs if a thread is moved to an area without tabs? What happens with tabs if a thread is moved to an area without tabs, while the other threads still be in aras with tabs?
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    Suggestion Done Feedback FAQ

    I have tested your FAQ Addon for xf2 at a friends forum. Here is my feedback for you: 1. The addon needs a new name! If you have many addons and you search for it with STRG+F => "FAQ" => F3; then you find many, many times FAQ. :) 2. More or less we have the same than with the pages. But the...
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    Support JS error when no tag is set

    I can reproduce this error with my template also with the default template. I have not checked to use the addon without any other addon. When i add a new thread and use only short words with less chars like 22 22 22 222 as title and the same as post, i get an js error. The thread is done, but...
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    License expired?

    Do you have a different license model than other people? I have bought 10, 15 addons from you? And now i am not allowed to download them anymore, because you want money for the download of versions i have paid before? I really hope that i am just too stupid to find the right button to get what i...
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    Support Resolved Eyes wide open

    Ok. Found everything. :>)
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    Support Resolved Number of people iin location x

    Surprise, surprise. When using my usersearch for location "Offenbach" in germany i find just a couple of users. But the addon shows me in this morning more than 800 users in Offenbach. Anyone knows anything about this miracle?
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    Suggestion Refused Maps

    I like the maps. Thank you. I suggest also: The docs should be more clear. Put away the things we dont need (3*maps, 3*places). Make clear that we need a second api key. Tell people that Google needs some minutes to react. 1.XF doesnt know where i am: Admin waches a unknown page. 2. There are...
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    Support Resolved Questions Key, Javascript Error

    In options i can set two api keys, but it seems i have only one from Google. I get an javascript error while calling the map.
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    Bug Not a bug Exceptions

    ErrorException: Undefined index: thread - library/XFA/ExtendedCover/Extends/XenForo/ControllerPublic/Thread.php:39 and ErrorException: Argument 2 passed to XFA_ExtendedCover_Model_Permission_Thread::canManageCoverThread() must be of the type array, null given, called in...
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    Bug Not a bug Demo available?

    I would really like to see it in action. But maybe it is just looking like https://xenforo.com/community/resources/
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    Bug Fixed Exception 4.27

    ErrorException: Undefined index: xfa_ec_target_url - library/XFA/ExtendedCover/Model/Abstract.php:39 Generiert durch: Chebakka, Donnerstag um 13:58 Uhr Stapelverfolgung #0 /var/www/web1/html/forum/library/XFA/ExtendedCover/Model/Abstract.php(39): XenForo_Application::handlePhpError(8...
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    Support No Answer Dont find files

    I have uploaded the library, i have uploaded the xml. I got the message that files are not found. Please check your files!
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    Suggestion No Answer First impression

    Finally i had enough users to start my first tournament five minutes ago. I like the easy way to go on and choose random pairships. (And i have influence not to bringt the wrong persons against each other at the beginning. :) BUT: Back to the first page, the Tournaments are sorted by free...
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    Bug No Answer To finish means to delete?

    I have set up a test tournament, it vcreates a thread. Then i left the tournament after joining and then i finished it. The tournament was deleted in mysql also. This happens only with a empty tournament? Or also with one with users joinded? Or also with a finished tournament?
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    Bug Not a bug Script erros firefox

    If you choose round robin with 256, firefox will stop script executing because it takes to much time.
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    Suggestion Refused Invite others

    I want to use your tournament for something really special, and i hope that a lot of people will talk about it to bring more people to the board. For this it would be nice to have a way for users to invite other people to the board and there to the tournament. I dont know if XF has this...
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    Support Resolved Thread for Tournament

    I have set up a tournament, but i have no thread. When the thread will be made, please? After setting up a tournament or after starting it?
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    Support Resolved Where is my cover?

    I have uploaded a cover. I have setup some right for the admin to handle the cover. Manage forum cover: Reposition forum cover: Manage thread cover by anyone: Reposition thread cover by anyone: I have set up the rest under [XFA] Extended Cover Buit i still cant see any Cover! Anyway i...