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  1. K

    Suggestion Thread Tabs Attachments

    Would it be possible for thread tabs to have the ability to have attachments uploaded?
  2. K

    Support Repositioning Issue and Coverage

    Sorry for posting in the wrong place! Love this addon, members love it too. However there's two issues we are having. The first is that repositioning the cover does not last. You can reposition it, but once you refresh the page it doesn't retain the position. Another is that images stretch to...
  3. K

    Bug Not a bug Can't remove icon

    Hello! Love this addon, users adore it. I am using xenforo 1.5.9. Unfortunately it seems if a user tries to disable their icon after having already set one, it shows as a broken image. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  4. K

    Support Buttons invisible + Not working in post

    Buttons are invisible, but clickable. However, while it does seem to appear to retain my settings in my Preferences, it does not retain in posts. It does not automatically use the text options I designated, and if I click on one of the invisible buttons and look at my settings from there it...