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    Bug Fixed Argument 1 passed to XFA_RMMarketPlace_Extends_XenResource_Model_Category::canAskForPayment()

    ErrorException: Argument 1 passed to XFA_RMMarketPlace_Extends_XenResource_Model_Category::canAskForPayment() must be of the type array, boolean given, called in /home/spoolstr/domains/spoolstreet.com/public_html/forums/library/XFA/RMMarketPlace/Extends/XenResource/ControllerPublic/Resource.php...
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    Suggestion Shipping calculator

    Is there a way to access some kind of shipment calculator through the paypal API? Some people want to sell things which require shipping costs.
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    Bug Fixed Increase quanity of stock?

    The only way I've seen to do this is to remove the listing from sale, and then edit the listing. This deletes sales and license information it seems, so is there another way?
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    Support Does forum sales support echecks?

    Just before upgrading to the new version of forum sales which is giving my site fits, I had an echeck transaction go through. The page did not update as sold. Is there a way to disable a checks if there isn't an instant validation?
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    Bug Fixed Address not being passed with express checkout

    I've got the latest version installed using express checkout. However the address does not appear. Nor do the buyer notes to the seller.
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    Bug Fixed Uninstall code partially working

    Okay, so here is the error: ErrorException: Undefined index: usd - library/XFA/ForumSales/Extends/ControllerPublic/Forum.php:37 Generated By: doublespaces, 6 minutes ago Stack Trace #0...
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    Suggestion Implemented Have expiration date

    Forums are places where content can reside for a long time. They are also places where someone will come and post something for sale, and then abandon the site. They may get money sent to them and not know or remember what it is for, a month or a year down the road. They could have their email...
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    Bug Fixed Server Errors, not sure if its RM/MG related

    So every once in a while I get a pair of errors together. This is one of two addons I have which has anything to do with the media gallery and I've contacted the other developer also. Let me know if you think this may be related at all: ERROR 1: ErrorException: Undefined property...
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    Suggestion Implemented Set minimum for sale amount

    Like the RM Marketplace, a minimum price can be set for resources(I renamed it all to listings). With the forum sales addon, I had a user mark the item as a thread for sale, but did not enter anything else. This left the price at 0.00 for a bunch of items, and that not only doesn't look right...
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    Suggestion Refused Display item in multiple categories

    So I have a category structure that requires some items to be listed multiple times, each with their own thread/description when in fact they are the same part. For example. I have BMW->Engine->N54 And: BMW->Engine->N55 Two different engines, but I have multiple parts that fit them both. Can...
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    Suggestion Implemented Accepting and passing address to paypal

    I know this works with the RM Marketplace, when/if the code is updated to the new rest api, can some kind of shipping address be specified which is sent to paypal?
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    Bug Fixed Unavailable Resource

    When viewing the list of purchases of another member's resources, it says unavailable
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    Suggestion Replace Register Now URL with Sign In URL

    I personally think it is not a great design to send people who aren't logged in to the dedicated registration area. Some people are going to think its registration for this specific product and may end up with duplicate accounts. It should cause the login or signup menu to drop down where they...
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    Suggestion Multi-Seller support

    What I'd like to have done as a custom work is for there to be an option to "Sell an item like this". Where a second distributor could be listed with their own paypal address, much like amazon. This is useful when there are multiple companies selling the same thing. How much work would this be...
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    Bug Fixed Mark an item as sold, change price, update paypal email

    In the event an item is sold outside of the forum, or the payment was accepted using the 'other means' method, is could there be a feature which allows the seller to mark their own item as sold? Right now, the only way to manually do this is have moderator/admin permissions and use the thread...
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    Suggestion Implemented How to disable option for user to allow other payment means

    Currently, there is the option to contact the seller and pay outside of paypal. Each user has the choice to enable or disable this feature. What I want to know, is there a way for that choice to be disabled as a group permission. Meaning, they can't enable the option to accept other payment...
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    Bug Fixed Getting Errors

    I soft deleted a forum sale thread. When I made it visible again I got this: XenForo_Exception: A discussion insert was attempted without the required first message. - library/XenForo/DataWriter/Discussion.php:308 Generated By: doublespaces, 1 minute ago Stack Trace #0...
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    Support Resolved When I click the link on xenforo to view the install instructions it's an error

    Where is the manual for installing this addon? I received this error and want to ensure i installed it correctly: Server Error Log Error Info ErrorException: Fatal Error: main(): Failed opening required 'PPConfiguration.php'...
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    A bug I noticed on mobile, is when I pick up my finger and go to draw the next part, it erases everything else. I'm on a OnePlus 3, Android.