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    Support Expand "Display in following categories" to accomodate entire list

    How to expand window "Display in following categories" to accomodate entire list of RM categories? The problem is not being able to see the entire list I cannot see what categories it has already been chosen to be displayed at. I make a new selection and all adjusments I have done before are...
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    Support Parent and Child Categories Counters Broken

    Once [XFA] RM Multiple Categories Resources was installed, parent and child counters gone broken. I tried to rebuild counters with no success... Pls advise solution how to "repair" counters? 1. Parent categories counters broken: 2. Child categories counters broken:
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    Support Lots of Errors Produced by Members Map

    I experience lots of mistakes on constant basis: Server Error Log Error Info ErrorException: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() - library/XFA/MembersMap/Extends/XenForo/ControllerPublic/Thread.php:36 Generated By: Unknown Account, Apr 9, 2019 Stack Trace #0...