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    Bug Fixed "Opponent" = your own nickname @ result_submitted Alert

    (tested with single elimination + round robin but should be global) When a user submits a score via the "Submit Score" button, the opponent(s) receive(s) the result_submitted Alert "{opponent} has submitted a score for tournament {tournament}, you need to confirm it" from the Tournament...
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    Bug Fixed Submit scores in first round @ Single Elimination = Wrong/invalid opponents

    While playing a test tournament before putting everything online, we discovered a rather peculiar bug when users try to submit scores via the "Submit Scores" button. For some reason, in XFA/Tournament/Entity/Bracket.php line 178 (v3.2.1) you do the $teamInfo['match_idx'] x 2? (if you remove the...
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    Bug Fixed actionParticipatedTournaments uses Visitor User ID (instead of Club ID)

    In the Club tab "Participated Tournaments" (which is controlled by this add-on) it shows the same list of tournaments for all clubs, but different ones according to the user which is looking at it. In the function actionParticipatedTournaments() you fetch the getClubParticipatedListData() with...
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    Bug Fixed actionInviteUsers checks against canAddUser permission

    Usergroup(s)/User(s) with "Can Invite" permission (but no "Can Add" permission) can see the menu option, but when they click they get an permission error because of a faulty permission check. Bug on line 852 in Pub/Controller/Tournament.php (v3.2.1)