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  1. N

    Suggestion Implemented Add Month/Year to Widget Pics

    Feature suggestion.... So right now the MOTM widget in narrow or full width form does not indicate the Month (and Year) of winning pics. This will become very confusing as there's really no way to tell without going through the winning threads which no one will do. Suggestion: Add M/Y to...
  2. TiBari

    Suggestion Add resource license by key

    Can you implement adding licenses by key activation. It can be voucher or key and auto-generates. Customer can generate this keys and give them to buyers. This is alternative method of purchase. -------- I hope next update will be very soon :)
  3. TiBari

    Suggestion DLC feature

    Add ability to make dependency on resources. For example if you bought one of resource, you will be able to buy DLC for them, like in steam ;)