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  1. Fred

    XF2 Who Read This Content 1.0.0

    Description Ever wanted to provide more information related to views of content on your forum ? Then Who read this content is definitely the solution to your need. With this add-on you can display, for various forum contents such as thread, forums, resources, medias, and much more to come, the...
  2. Fred

    XF2 Who Read This Thread - XF2 1.5.4

    Support A new addon Who read this content was release, but if you just need thread feature you can buy this one. This addon still support for bug fix but no new features will be added. Requirements XenForo 2.2.0+ Description You want know who read threads, or know who is viewing thread...
  3. Clement

    XF1 Conversation Read Alert 2.0.2

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description This add-on allows your members to receive notifications when conversations or posts in conversations are read. Features Usergroup permission Conversation read alerts can be disabled through user preferences Install/Uninstall instructions The...