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rm marketplace

  1. NICK97

    Bug Fixed Additional information shouldn’t be show on digital resources checkout page

    I simply don’t really like where Additional information where is showed. I thing the additional information shouldn’t be show on digital resources checkout page because it’s May confusing some users and I don’t wanted my users enter there additional information just for digital downloads. i...
  2. NICK97

    Suggestion Coupon Code Feature

    I would like to offer my users a discount deals for Black Friday or Christmas. but there is no option to use coupons code. That’s why I would like to suggestions a feature where admin or sellers can generated coupons codes and share to others users and let users redeem coupon code in rm...
  3. kimix190201

    Support Bug Payment button problem

    When i try buy something and click buy -button. It creates a new invoice, but does nothing. I linked my Paypal account and have tried to find some solutions. Can someone help me? Invoice created: You can try it yourself: Skript | Puska Specs: Xenforo v2.2.3 XFE Core v1.8.0 RM Marketplace...
  4. F

    Support Resolved We couldn't initialize the communication with Paypal

    Hello, I have just bought and configure RM Marketplace according to your specifications found in : http://xen-factory.com/index.php?documents/rm-marketplace.20/ But, when I try to make a purchase i get : We couldn't initialize the communication with Paypal and my xen error log say ...