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  1. MtoR

    XF2 Custom Username Icons 4.0.0 beta 2 Released

    Dear customers, We have just released an update of our Custom Username Icons for xF2. This update is only focused on moving some of the common code from the add-on to the Core for use in our other add-ons. More information about the product HERE. The Xen Factory staff
  2. MtoR

    XF2 Custom Username Icons 4.0.0 Beta 1 Released

    Dear customers, We are pleased to announce the release of our first add-on ported over to XenForo 2: Custom Username Icons. No feature changes were made compared to the latest XenForo 1 version. We have changed the license of this add-on from yearly renewal to unlimited. Therefore, we provide...
  3. MtoR

    Xen Factory product policy for XenForo 2

    Dear customers, As XenForo 2 is on the verge of being released of closing to a stable release, many of you may wondering what is our policy of updates and pricing for that new version and you are absolutely right to do so. Now that we are ready to start releasing some xF2 products, it's time...