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Suggestion Implemented Add Teams, etc.


New Member

I've just purchased your tournament add-on, and while it is a great start, the one thing missing is the ability to use teams instead of individual users.

To implement this I would suggest the following:

- Designate a tournament for individual or teams

- If the tournament is for teams, have the ability for players to join a team (teams can be set to public or private for invitation purposes).

- The "team captain" can control their team (invites, accepting/deleting players, etc.)

Those are just basic ideas, and much more could be added to really flesh this out, but again - it's a great start.


Freaky Coder
Staff member

This is something I plan to add in the future.

At the moment the upcoming version is focusing on getting double elimination + round robin :)

Should be ready pretty soon.



Freaky Coder
Staff member
Team is implemented through combination with our Roster add-on.

Marking this as imlpemented.