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Support Suggestion Choose Specific Countdown on Widget Creation


New Member
Hi there,

From reading the thread for the addon on xf.com - I assumed this was possible and it was configurable to only see certain countdowns on specific widgets.

For example - I have two countdowns-

One countdown, I would like to be displayed on my front page in a position I choose.
The second countdown, I would like to be displayed on my forums in a specific position

From what I can see - this is not possible. I expected that when I create a widget for a countdown, I then put in the countdown ID or select the countdown from a list of which I want to be displayed. Currently, the behaviour is it will show *all* countdowns on one widget regardless.

It seems I'd be better off creating a widget and embedding a third-party countdown - there seems to be many. Is this something you can fix or add in the short term? If not - I request a refund.

Thank you


Freaky Coder
Staff member

There is a display on property when creating the countdown that allows you to do that unless I miss what you are trying to do ?



New Member
I replied on XF

If this isn't something that can be accommodated, can I seek a refund please? I was under the belief prior to purchase that this was possible.