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I have tested your FAQ Addon for xf2 at a friends forum. Here is my feedback for you:

1. The addon needs a new name! If you have many addons and you search for it with STRG+F => "FAQ" => F3; then you find many, many times FAQ. :)
2. More or less we have the same than with the pages. But the pages have a larger charset. With the pages i can use html, but no bbcode. With the FAQ i can use bbcode, but no html.
3. The menu for responsive is not centered like the pages.

From my opinion this addon could be a really important one, when:

1. let me use bbcode AND html (with a bbcode for example? - But maybe there is a way and i have not seen it yet with allowing html anyway for an admin)
2. Let me choose, if i want to show all the questions and answers at the first page. Let me decide if i want to have your style like now or the pages style.
3. I can attach a picture and insert it full. But it is not shwon full!

One more time, what i think you should offer to make it perfect:
For every cat:

a) Show FAQ-Style
b) Show x chars (no grafix yes/no) in FAQ-Style with link to detailed page.
c) Show detailed pages like with xenforo pages; let me insert all bboceds and full attachments
d) offer a pagination 1,2,3,4 ...
e) offer a prev / next with/without name of the next/prev page
f) let me use html; for example to show a backlink-code with the result also instead of a picture (that i cant insert full now)

I will test now, if it is possible to use HTML;
but at all neither the node pages, not the faq are a real solution for my needs.

To add these functions should be no big story. Maybe offer a second version with a higher price. But this would be a really powerful tool.

And to make it more perfect. :)
Add a small comment system to it! Then users can write questions, so you can let them or delete them, but make the pages better.
=> Less questions means more confident users and less work!

I am sorry to use this subforum, i have not find a better place for my feedback. If you want to offer me this changes, or if there a people who will fund changes like this together, let me now, please.