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Support Resolved For some reason other members can not see my profile background.

oO5 Dynasty

The Regular registered members can not see my profile background. I looked in the permissions to allow the groups to be able to see the background and could not find the option. I can see my background but all the other members can not.

oO5 Dynasty

Are they using the same style and do they use have any error in the console ?
The board is set for everybody to use the same style. The second part of your question i don't know how to answer. Is their a way you can come to my board to check things out. Also im using this add on for premium users only. Normal members can not add a background image. So do you think this may be the reason they can not see the background, because they do not have the permissions to upload one?

oO5 Dynasty

When i look at my profile page under the web master account and my main account i can see the background. But those accounts are Premium Accounts and i would like for all accounts to be able to view the backgrounds of others. Even if they do not have permission to upload a background of their own. Thank you!
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Freaky Coder
Staff member

Gone on both account, difference is that for normal member there is a js error that pops out, a script called pif.js.
I think that might come from another add-on. I think it's one that makes some tab active by default in profile.