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Support JS error when no tag is set


Active Member
I can reproduce this error with my template also with the default template.
I have not checked to use the addon without any other addon.

When i add a new thread and use only short words with less chars like

22 22 22 222 as title and the same as post, i get an js error. The thread is done, but there is no jump to the new thread. The editor stays open and users try it again and produce copies of of the same thread.

Sometimes this happens also with normal input; when no tag is set the js error comes.
I also can delete all tags in the input field to reproduce this error:

PHP x1{"_redirectStatus":"ok","_redirectTarget":"https:\/\/www.website.com\/forum\/threads\/new_thread_alala.12345\/","_redirectMessage":"Dein Thema wurde erstellt","_visitor_conversationsUnread":"0","_visitor_alertsUnread":"0"} xenforo.js:236:76


Active Member
You mean where the forum is located?
At at my linux laptop 80cm next to me.

The error comes up everytime, when i start a new thread.
Probably it is another addon disturbing, i will see it later when trying your addon in a clean forum.


Freaky Coder
Staff member
No no I meant this doesn't seem a bug related to our addon from what I see.
Unless you tell me that if you disable our add-on the error disappear ?


Active Member
Maybe we will know each other for some more month and years, so i let you know, that i care for around ten forums since 2004. I have used around 100 addons in xenforo, i have programed some smaller ones, i have paid for another 50 and i have a forum full with ideas (around 200) for new addons and functions.

I will never write you without the feeling that there is a real problem.

The problem is gone, when i switch off the tags addon;
i will now switch off all addons and test it one by one, i have no error message in acp.
Unfortunately i cant use xdebug at the server. But i will try to reproduce the error at the home server and xdebug it.

I know that you cant do anything without more info, but i had the hope that you know a hint for me.

Also i let you know, that you emails comes in 144px size of the font. If you have whatsapp, i can send you a screenshot.


Freaky Coder
Staff member
No worries :)

Was the "x1" in the console ? Coz this shall not be there.

I checked the code, I don't see where it would come from.
If disabling my add-on is fixing it I would doubt it's an incompatibility but who knows.
If you can please try that would be appreciated.

I have to fix the email thing yep we are aware.