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Loss of data prior to the 08/11/2015


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Dear customers,

As you have seen, our website has been down for a week. Though we have communicate a bit to users who asked us, we didn't make a clear statement, so let's explain to you what happened.

While trying to empty our development environment database, I accidentally emptied the wrong database, thus removing all the production website content instead of the development one...

Since then, we have tried to get our host to restore the database content from the backups they had on their server. However, seems like our host was not so reliable and so far they have not been able to restore the database content... They use a special SW called R1Soft but it is not very efficient apparently.

As a week offline was already too much, we have decided to setup the website from scratch as you can see.

Thanks to google cache, it was fairly easy to get the manual and products back but we have lost all users as well as customer licences. So please, register again and as soon as you do so, we kindly ask you to create a thread in the forum HERE to state which licences you had along with copies of the paypal transaction logs. Once we proceed to the verification, your license will be added and you will be able to start downloading your product again.

Note that we as well lost the feature suggestions so if you were the author of one please post it again.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and as of now we'll handle the backup of the database to ensure this doesn't happen again !

Thank you,
The Xen Factory team
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Freaky Coder
Staff member
Well Planethoster, our current host, was supposed to be a reliable host... but not when it comes to backups.

We have paid for a year but we'll see if we can get a refund due to their inability to perform such a simple task but for now we are up and running that the most important thing.


New Member
If you're looking for suggestions, I personally host with Google's cloud service, Google Compute. In-place snapshots are an absolute dream.


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Hi guys,
Sorry to have seen this happen but glad you are back up and running..
Indeed, offsite backups will prove useful. Just lucky really it wasn't a year down the road with loads of data and who only knows how many users and products.

Glad to be back anyway and glad to see you back. ;)