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Bug Not a bug Motm rules


Do you have any other add-on that deals with notices ?
As it does work on my test site.

Yes , I would say it’s better if you will have a look yourself instead of discussing this here, as your are more advanced on your addon.


Freaky Coder
Staff member

I just answered you it does work perfectly on my website.
And then I asked you what kind of add-ons that deals with notices do you have ?


When this is set to show on MOTM albums, this doesn’t show up.

Page is a MOTM media gallery album:


For some reason managed to fix this. Thanks. Looking forward to see the suggestion regarding user quota to be implemented.


How did you get it fixed ?

I've just set user criteria:

User is loged in and this criterion is always met, but there is still an issue if I want these rules to appear on nodes, as they will disappear from MOTM albums, to be honest that's not a big issue for me. Can create a new notice.