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Bug Fixed multiple contest start threads

Some problems. We are using motm in mode 2. MOTM is posting contest start thread every hour (all Kuukauden kuva äänestys 10/2020):

Screenshot_2020-10-01 Hifi.png
First of them posted at 03:06 is the contest end-message of 09/2020 as we are using single thread mode and didn't have the contest start-message set up at the time when contest started. But since then we've had 6 and more to come start threads.
I stopped the cron job to stop thread creation as emergency solution.
At the same time that seems to have disabled voting and suddenly I have two MOTM:s more. Both images had gained 1 vote in this months voting, apparently before I stopped the cron job.


Freaky Coder
Staff member
You are using the latest version ?

We changed the cron task so that it triggers every hour but check through some cache that we haven't created it already so the situation you encounter should not happen.

You had it installed before or just installed ? (to see if it's something new)
We are using 4.2.2, are running Xenforo 2.1.x and installed MOTM in august. At first round during september we hadn't enabled creating threads, now we have and it resulted in multiple threads.


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Do the votes get reset and a picture awarded as well or was it only the thread creation ?
I'd say no, I think that reset/awarding happened only after I stopped the cron job, or at least I didn't notice it before that. So only symptom I noticed was thread creation.


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Oh I see.
There is no fix for xF2.1, as stated in the release log we moved forward to xF2.2