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Bug Fixed "Opponent" = your own nickname @ result_submitted Alert


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Jun 21, 2021
(tested with single elimination + round robin but should be global)

When a user submits a score via the "Submit Score" button, the opponent(s) receive(s) the result_submitted Alert "{opponent} has submitted a score for tournament {tournament}, you need to confirm it" from the Tournament Organisator user.

In Pub/Controller/Tournament.php line 385 you send the matchData of the 'opponentParticipant' (from the submitting user) to Service/Participant/Notify.php which fills in the opponents username in the string {opponent} to be send as an alert... to the opponent, so (s)he sees his/her own username as the person who submitted the score (which is not correct).

This should be the username of the submitter itself because (s)he is the opponent of the receiver of the alert :)
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