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Support Suggestion Done Question or suggestion about time read date (time stamp)


New Member
Thanks for addon. I have a question. How can I list all user entries of one user in thread?

What I mean. Now when user USER1 enters the thread, he logging into common log list. But when he enters one more time, previous time stamp edits into new one. And if USER1 viewed thread in 02:00 PM and next time 04:00 PM, and ntext time 05:00 PM - in Log I can see only the last one 05:00 PM.

USER1 read thread


Common log:

And I, as admin, can see only 1 entry of user. Not each refreshing.

Can you advice, How to log all entries of one user? Maybe somewhere in sources I can edit to get prefreable for me result?

Or maybe you can add such option on the next release? Like "to log multiple entries of 1 user"


New Member
I will see if i can do something about it
Thank you a lot! Because for me it's very important. Because of such logging I bought your addon. I didn't understand by screenshots, that user is logging only the last time.
I'll wait for info.
Thanks a lot one more time


Staff member
You will need to wait a little until end of Covid-19 confinement


Staff member
Hi, i have add an option in 1.3.0, but be careful with database consumption.
If you have any issue, please create new thread