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Bug RM marketplace purchase form bug


New Member
when have coupon was config product price with 0.00 ,can not to purchase .no form for first name and last name etc


I believe that you have enabled the option US like shipment address format and you haven't added those details in your dashboard mysite/resources/market-place-dashboard


New Member
when i config coupon for free product selling .it have not form to write address and have tip ,can not submit order.it is a physical selling.
when use cash payment to check ,it is have display address form in frontend ,but others can not display address informaiton form.
if i change payment to paypal , close cash check. and config coupon for this product with free price .no address form to write information .i think plugin have get address from paypal when price was not 0,but no method to process price was 0 etc
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