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XF2 RM Marketplace - XF2 5.0.0 Released


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Nov 14, 2015
Dear customers,

We have just released a maintenance revision of our RM Marketplace - XF2 add-on for XenForo 2.

This new version is a major feature changes release which contains an extensive set of improvements and in particular the implementation of a new payment mode based on xF payment profiles (either admin/user configured).

We would like to thank @frybread for funding the development of this new feature.

It was extensively tested but we recommend you to first test this new version on a development environment before going live. And don't forget to backup your files and database prior to performing the upgrade.

Detailed changelog is provided here below.

Corrected bugs
  • Default image incorrectly displayed when in grid layout mode when friendly urls option is activated
  • Incorrect grid view box layout with stars not fitting on a single line

  • Put buy and download buttons in a group when both are displayed
  • Permissions split into two categories: standard permissions/moderator permissions
  • Rewording of some permissions text

New features
  • Revamped options page with tabs sorting
  • Revamped purchase confirm form
  • Featuring durations/featuring purchases links changed in admincp
  • Price added next to duration on admincp featuring purchases page
  • Capability to purchase a digital product for a friend (permission based)
  • Seller/Buyer/Valid licenses postbit indicators in resources discussion threads (style properties based)
  • New permissions
    • Bypass percentage on sale permission
    • Maximum number of items on sale
  • Configurable automatically displayed prefixes in resources list to identify digital products/services/physical products/Out of stock physical products
  • Invoice preview button in Invoicing Dashboard page
  • New payment handling mode based on xF payment profiles
    • Payment profiles either based on admin ones or user front-end side configurable ones
    • Supported methods:
      • Back-end configured methods: Any
      • Front-end configured methods: Paypal, Braintree, Stripe, 2checkout (Get in contact with us for more payment methods addition)
    • Monthly invoices generation for percentage on sales payment by users based on effective sales
    • Email/alerts sent on invoice generation/payment/refund
    • User front-end side payment profiles configuration from dashboard
    • User front-end side payment profiles configuration encrypted into database
    • Your invoices page on front-end side
    • Invoices list page on back-end
    • Send reminder from invoices list for unpaid invoice
  • Simple shipping costs handling
    • Input location/cost when editing resource
    • Shipping cost automatically added to item price upon purchase

View product page HERE

The Xen Factory staff


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Nov 14, 2015
Feel free to review the resource on XenForo official website, this would be greatly appreciated.


New Member
Jun 27, 2021
Hi just read,

NOW supporting xF Payment profiles since V5.0.0.

Does it provide the xF just orginal Payment profiles or also additional added payment profiles ?



Freaky Coder
Staff member
Nov 14, 2015

Any if set on admin side.

Need few adaptations on front end side.