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Suggestion Two fields to control navigations


Dec 30, 2015

Now there is a field in options with this title: "Hidden navbar ids".

Any id we put in it, will be hidden from navbar and then added to navigation widget.

But I wish it was in other way. So that we had two field:
  • Hidden navbar ids
    • so that we could add any id here to hide them from navbar. (so if we add ids in this field, it will just be hidden from top navbar. it won't be displayed until we also put it in second field)
  • In block navbar ids
    • so that we could add any id here to shows those navbar in widget. (so, if we don't hide them from navbar and add them in this field, it will show in both place. and if we hide the id in first field, and also add that id in this field, then it will hide it from top navbar and add it to widget)
in this way we will have better tool. Sometimes its needed to have some of them in both place. But now its not possible.



Freaky Coder
Staff member
Nov 14, 2015
That's not a bad idea, I might consider it in a next release once I have done some sales of that add-on :)
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