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Suggestion View response Posts in Main Thread below any Tab and/or the ability to post a reply to the Main Thread below any Tab


New Member

I posted on the main Xenforo forum about this suggestion but was asked to post here. Not so much a bug as something that would be beneficial with respect to the Tabs Add-on.

I run up a small but growing gaming forum and when new games are released we make Official Threads for them (OTs). Which are usually broken down into sections within (Introduction, Storyline, Screenshots, Trailers, Technical Requirements, Reviews, etc, etc). Here are some examples of different OTs to give you an idea of the sort of Threads my members make: -

As you can see these initial posts can get a bit lengthy, and quite media-heavy, so the idea of being able to put blocks of information into separate Tabs (Introduction, Story, Reviews etc, etc) as a form of a digestible information carousel using your add-on is quite appealing.

However, it would be beneficial regardless of where you might be in the various tabs to and/or either

1. be able to see/scroll the responses below.

2. Be able to post a reply that would form part of the main thread.

At the very least 2 would be useful as that means the poster doesn't have to go back to the original tab to formulate a response. It's not that uncommon for people to spot errors or nitpick when a thread goes live (we are all human after all).

Hope that makes sense.